We’re committed
to our farming communities

At Northern Harvest Sea Farms, our fish mean a lot… to a lot of people. Jobs, families, and communities all rely on our operations. So, when a climate event took half of our fish this summer, we put everything we had into our response.

We thank our staff for rising to this challenge, and thank everyone who supported us along the way. Our response has required incredible effort by everyone involved, and we’re grateful to everyone who continue to pull together tirelessly to meet this situation head on.

Farmers are resilient. We adapt quickly. Our staff have shown that throughout this process, and they are working hard because they believe in a better future. Northern Harvest is committed to making investments that will make that future possible, and promote the success of aquaculture in Newfoundland and Labrador.

We’re committed to our product, our people, and our planet.

The Cause

This summer the Fortune Bay area on the province’s south coast experienced a prolonged period of high water temperatures. This resulted in a low oxygen environment in our pens that took half our fish. Through our constant monitoring program, we immediately became aware of the problem, however due to the stressed state of the fish we were unable to intercede.

The Response

We advised all local and government stakeholders of the evolving situation. Northern Harvest immediately mobilized the internal and external resources necessary to remove and render the fish and clean-up sites. As of Friday, October 25, all salmon mortalities have been removed from all affected sites. Northern Harvest is committed to being as thorough and comprehensive in its response effort as possible, and we continue to keep our staff focused on any remaining site clean up activity.

Environmental Monitoring

We appreciate there is public concern. That is why we engaged MAMKA, an indigenous marine stewardship organization, to perform environmental monitoring. MAMKA is a partnership between Qalipu and Miawpukek First Nations that provides technical and advisory assistance in the area of oceans and coastal management. They report their findings publicly, with their work being guided by input from the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

The Future

Our response was an “all hands-on deck” effort by everyone involved, and Northern Harvest is grateful to everyone who worked tirelessly throughout the response and clean-up. We especially appreciate the long hours worked by our staff who have shown dedication and professionalism throughout this trying time. Our people embody resilience, strength and the capacity to rebuild for which Newfoundlanders are known. Northern Harvest is committed to making investments in the future that promote the success of aquaculture in Newfoundland and Labrador, and the communities that depend upon the industry. We’re committed to our people, our product, and our planet.