One of the largest salmon producers in North America

Northern Harvest Prides itself on its Quality and Freshness


From the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic — Northern Harvest Sea Farms was born.

Founded in 1985 by the Ingalls family, Northern Harvest Sea Farms is a proven producer of top-quality farmed Salmon in Atlantic Canada. In fact, our company has grown to become one of the largest aquaculture companies in all of North America.

Carefully selecting farming sites in remote, low-densely populated areas, our company is continually looking for new ways to practice environmental sustainability and stewardship. Most recently, Northern Harvest Sea Farms was awarded BAP certification, a first among all other fish farming operations in Eastern Canada.

As an industry leader, Northern Harvest Sea Farms prides itself on its people and its products. Employing more than 250 men and women in local communities, our company makes quality assurance a top priority.

Northern Harvest Sea Farms have expanded with operations in both New Brunswick and Newfoundland, where they continue to produce top-quality products both meeting and exceeding industry standards.

Northern Harvest Sea Farms…the clear choice for quality, farmed Atlantic salmon.