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The Future of Fish Farming

Cage/Net Manufacturing

Northern Harvest Services is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art salmon farming nets as well as cages. Not only do we provide the nets and cages for our own operations through Northern Harvest Sea Farms in Newfoundland and New Brunswick, we also sell to outside companies with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality nets and cages for use in farming operations.

Our net makers are craftspeople, using only the finest and most durable, quality-tested materials. Our nets and cages are built to withstand ice and cold temperatures — they are an ideal choice for the harsh climate of the North Atlantic.

Our cage manufacturing team includes expert welding technicians who construct the cages as per the client’s specifications in our facility in Pennfield, New Brunswick. The cages are then delivered and assembled directly on site.

Well Boat

The “Well Boat” as it is aptly named, is key to the success of our operation. This 500-tonne boat is equipped with tanks that are oxygenated to transport smolts. The well boat can also harvest up to 75,000 pounds of fish at one time.


Much to the delight of the community, Northern Harvest Sea Farms has just completed a new multi-million dollar hatchery in Stephenville, Newfoundland. It is one of the largest salmon hatcheries in the world.

The site for the state of the art facility was carefully chosen because of its water volume and quality. It was also selected because of its close proximity to the ocean, allowing for easy loading of the Well Boat for transfer of smolts to salmon farming sites in Newfoundland.

The massive hatchery located in Stephenville, Newfoundland includes three buildings, one to produce the eggs, fry and parr and the remaining two to raise the parr to smolt size. Combined, the buildings total more than 95,000 square feet. The hatchery while already in use, is scheduled to be in full operation by 2013.

Processing Plant

Northern Harvest Sea Farms Processing Plant is a state-of-the-art facility located in St. George, New Brunswick. The processing plant recently underwent significant renovations and is now a completely upgraded, modern facility making use of 21st century technology.

The plant is located very close to our major market offering daily shipments to our customers in the United States and Canada within 48 hours of harvesting.