Our Environmental Commitment

Northern Harvest Sea Farms…Fresh, Sustainable and Gentle on our Environment


Responsible Farming

Protecting and preserving the environment is, and always has been a top priority for Northern Harvest Sea Farms. We operate with strong ethics and beliefs regarding environmental sustainability and take care of the ocean within the waters we farm.

Our Atlantic Salmon are fed an eco-friendly diet that is more sustainable than traditional diets. Typically, it takes more fish for feed purposes to produce one Atlantic Salmon – not so, in our case. The partial replacement of fishmeal with alternate protein sources means the salmon are net-fish protein producers. Essentially, that means the fish produce more protein than is consumed by the fish feed.

Our fish are also fed a premium diet higher in Omega 3 and Vitamin E, when compared with traditional diets. This results in a firmer flesh and a product that is not only delicious but better for you.

We are smart and sustainable operators making use of 21st century technology. That means our feeding practices are sustainable.

Our company doesn’t believe in overcrowding fish at our farming sites. We want our Atlantic salmon to thrive in comfortable conditions. Therefore, we make it a priority to practice lower stocking densities. It’s a win-win because it results in less environmental impact on the ocean and ultimately happier and healthier fish.

Think of our company as being as accessible as “the local fisherman on the wharf.”

Our facilities are located closer to major markets when compared with other salmon farming operations around the world. As well, our products are always transported by truck, never by plane – yet another way we are reducing our carbon footprint. Our prime location means that we can deliver fresh Atlantic salmon within 48 hours of harvesting.

Northern Harvest Sea Farms believes strongly in recycling. More than half of Northern Harvest Sea Farms' products are packaged and shipped in recycled materials.