Protecting and preserving the environment is, and always has been a top priority for Northern Harvest Sea Farm. It’s important for the sustainability of our business to work closely with nature and blend in with our surroundings. We live and operate in the same areas we farm, and work on the same wharves as the traditional fishery. We all depend on a clean and natural environment to grow healthy and premium products.

Our salmon farms are located in the North Atlantic waters of New Brunswick and Newfoundland; some of the coldest, and pristine waters in the world. The location of our farms is the ideal location for cold-water fin-fish like Atlantic salmon and Steelhead trout. Selecting the location for our farms is critical to growing a happy and healthy salmon. After all, it takes up to four years to grow a fish to market size, and much of that time is spent in our ocean-based farm sites.  Carefully selecting farms includes looking for remoteness, water quality, temperature, and volume--  all factors that contribute to producing some of the finest farmed salmon in the world.

Our company doesn’t believe in overcrowding fish at our farming sites. We want our Atlantic salmon to thrive in comfortable conditions. That's why we make it a priority to use some of the lowest stocking densities in the industry, making sure our salmon always have room to swim – and the ability to move at the depth and temperature they’re most comfortable. It’s a win-win because it results in less environmental impact on the ocean and ultimately happier and healthier fish.

Our marine sites are equipped with underwater cameras to monitor our salmon while they eat. When they stop eating, we stop feeding them.  

Our facilities are located closer to major markets when compared with other salmon farming operations around the world. As well, our products are always transported by truck, never by plane – yet another way we are reducing our carbon footprint. Our prime location means that we can deliver fresh Atlantic salmon within 48 hours of harvesting.

Northern Harvest Sea Farms believes strongly in recycling. More than half of Northern Harvest Sea Farms' products are packaged and shipped in recycled materials.

We are committed to being an industry leader, and ensuring the long-term viability of our operations.